PK STUDIOS June 02 2014

This guest has permanent residence here at Bungalow36. She creates the most beautiful pieces of jewelry and is an inspiration to Bungalow36. She took a class here and learned how to letterpress her own business cards.

The cards were printed on luxurious thick 100% cotton paper. It was decided to have the card be slightly larger than the regular business card size. This was a two color two sided card. The logo is a creation from a Mandala which Penny drew after an inspiring meditation. The PKStudios font was handwritten by her to give that truly handmade feel. The logo and font were scanned into a digital form to create a polymer plate for printing.

If you are inspired like we are here at Bungalow36 by her beautiful mandala logo,  Penny has created a stunning line of fine silver jewelry. Her collection is called Shambhala. You can view Penny's creation at PKStudios and make sure to check her pieces out on Etsy.